• My hubby has started reading your book and u have already hooked him!!! He’s lost to me until he’s finished the book lol!!!”Then one day later: “my husband thinks you are an amazing incredible author!!!!!! He finished the book in 2 days and was mesmerized!! Couldn’t put it down!!!  We want to purchase an autographed copy when its published!!! “Mike absolutely loved the book!!!!!!!!! Kudos on a job well done.You are incredible!!!! Congrats on this great accomplishment!!  Linda”Thank you, Mike, for taking the time to read and comment (via your wife, Linda).
  •  Here is the first response from one of my ARC (advanced reader copy) readers of Sword of  Dragonblood. She actually got involved in a project at work, so had her husband read it.
  • Here’s another from Danielle: I thoroughly enjoyed reading Sword of Dragonblood.  It was so sad, sweet, riveting.  I like how the book kept pace with how the characters sensed urgency in different times.  When things were not so urgent, the book was more relaxed; when things were becoming do or die, it sure went fast.  Excellent book!Thanks, Danielle
  • Here’s another from Nance: Finally read your book!  What an imagination you have! My goodness what a story. Kept you intrigued chapter by chapter.
    For a kids book it certainly holds an adult interest as well! I enjoyed it. I will be passing it on to a few friends that have kids around 12 – 13 yrs.
    When’s the next one due out?
  • 5.0 out of 5 stars Fun plot, fabulous characters, masterful world building
    ByAmazon Customeron August 14, 2016
    Format: Paperback
    This book was such a delightful, entertaining read! There were several times I had told myself “okay, I’ll just read one or two chapters and then head off to bed”, only to be glued to my couch unable to stop reading.L.S. has given all of her characters such strong and distinct voices that the reader becomes immersed in the world(s) of the story from the first paragraph. The voice of Darrel Ask especially exemplifies her ability to embue all of her characters with wit, humor, warmth and personalities all their own. It’s not too long before you are groaning at Darrel’s missteps with him, walking alongside Maisy and feeling the crackling fire in the Time Wizard’s castle.My other favorite part of this book (besides the incredible voices of the characters) was the world building. L.S. has a way of making you feel as though you are getting ready to have a clam bake in Blind Spot or go out and take a walk in Shaemaaie. Her descriptions of sounds, sights and smells are uncanny and add so much realism to the story.I am so glad I went with Darrel and Maisy on their journey thus far and can’t wait to continue the adventure in the second book!!


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