Ready For A Real Live Product Review?

Hi Everyone!

An honest review is hard to come by in the seller’s market. Are you tired of buying products that are supposedly for newbies to writing/marketing only to be stymied somewhere along the setup/use that appeared so easy when the creator was trying to convince you to buy? Or perhaps you wanted to buy, but as most of us on a strict budget, were wondering if it would be worth your while?

In my many purchases, I have found that often I get confused with the “how” that appears before the creator’s set point. Or the product may be a bit beyond my budget but I buy it anyway, and then never get to the product because of time constraints or inability to download it correctly or get it to work, period!

Newbies need an honest review of the myriad products out there by a newbie who has attempted to use the product. Honest reviews do not necessarily come from individuals trying to sell the product. I’ve decided to rectify this problem.

Since I’m a newbie to writing and marketing, I’ve been thinking of doing a product review on different products I’ve purchased over the last year or two relating to writing/marketing, etc. every month or so. I have been recently addicted to shiny products. I told myself I needed to stop buying and start trying. But where to start? I need some ideas on what fellow writers would like to see/talk about.

Here are a few of my ideas:

  • Post a list of the “easier” products first. Let subscribers choose which product to first review

    Are you overwhelmed?
    Decisions, decisions
  • Reviews would consist of:
    • name of product
    • how it was used
    • snags in use
    • overall ease of setup/use for newbies
    • perhaps screenshots of my attempts
    • overall impression of product
    • notice of whether I tried to contact creator of the product, etc.

What do you think? Is it something you’d be interested in? Any other ideas you’d like to see covered in the review? Let me know.

I’d like this to be beneficial to both me (get me started using the products, perhaps) and to you in that you will see the product in use by a newbie and not just the creator.

Leave a message on my contact page and I will follow through if I get at least 10 people who are interested. If you do think this will be beneficial, please sign up for my newsletter. I will send out notices when I review a new product.Facebooktwitterpinterest