Book One in the Down Dreamer Trilogy (Sword of Dragonblood) on Sale

I’m pleased to let you know that in anticipation of the release of Book Two in the Down Dreamer Trilogy this summer, I am putting Book One- Sword of Dragonblood on sale for four days, so you have a chance to read it.

That’s right!

Book One – Sword of Dragonblood, kindle edition, will be an exciting read of 450+ pages of adventure, magic, and intrigue for just $1.99. This book is a must-read before book two comes out, as the trilogy is not comprised of stand-alone novels, but build on each other to the amazing end!

Sale on Sword of Dragnoblood, Kindle Edition

Great Deal!

If you’ve read book one, thank you! I know you’ve been waiting for a while for book two. I hope the wait will have been worth it.


Updates on Book Two will be forthcoming!

Thanks for reading.


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NEW!!! Lexie T-shirt.

Good News, Lexie fans!

Have the young ones in your life read Lexie, Kitty to Cat in Barnyard Adventures?

If they have fallen in love with Lexie, then they will love this t-shirt.
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Lexie – from kitty to cat in barnyard adventures was read on Curly Shirley Storytime!

Lexie – from kitty to cat in barnyard adventures was read on Curly Shirley Storytime!

Lexie From Kitty to Cat in Barnyard Adventures makes her Curly Shirley Storytime debut!

Lexie is a just a little kitty when she’s adopted, but she’s afraid to explore her wonderful new farm.
Will she ever become confident to explore outside and find new friends?

By L.S. Goulet. Send her some birthday love by sharing her book video!


Spread the word and please buy if you have any youngsters in your life!




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Book Reviews Made Easy

What does every author want? It’s more book reviews.

In Book Reviews Made Easy, Barry McDonald shows how to build a list of eager book reviewers. Plus, how to do it over and over again, increasing your reviewer’s mailing list.

Click here for Barry McDonald’s new product.

Here’s some of his description:

– The simple process for getting readers to go through to my book’s review page. And also how to track it to see how well it’s working.

– The two types of book reviewers that are out there and what each one is looking for.

– How to build a list of eager reviewers that look forward to receiving your emails. Plus, how to do it over and over again, increasing your mailing list.

– Revealed: Why most people who use my approach will NEVER get the same results as I do – and what you need to do instead!

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Pssst! Can I let you in on a secret about children’s picture books?

Come here… lean in… want to know what it is?

You don’t need an illustrator to create a good picture book.



Now don’t get me wrong, illustrators are a talented bunch,
but they also don’t come cheap.
(Try shopping around on Fivver or Upwork if you don’t believe me.)

If you’ve paid for illustrations in the past I know you’re nodding your head.
You’re left paying the hefty bill which you either put on a credit card (hoping the book will pay for itself) or you’re taking it out of your last books profits.

But what if it doesn’t?
What if it tanks and sinks to the bottom of the Amazon kindle store?

Well that’s where Barry McDonald found himself a while back.
$250 out of pocket and two books that no one wanted.
Yep. Not a nice place to be.

But there is a happy ending to this tale and one I’m not going to spoil here.
Head on over to now and find out how he turned it around.

But before you go…keep this secret to yourself…because when illustrators find out what he’s doing…. well, all I can say is he better watch his back.

Shush, here’s the link again Details



Sword of Dragonblood – Puzzle Book is HERE!

Happy Days!!


Puzzle Book

Puzzle Book is Finally Here!

Sword of Dragonblood – Characters and Creatures – Puzzle Book is now available for sale from Amazon print books at:

or at Createspace bookstore at:


If you haven’t read the novel yet, Sword of Dragonblood, book one in the Down Dreamer Trilogy can be bought from Amazon at: 

or at Createspace bookstore at:


Ready For A Real Live Product Review?

Hi Everyone!

An honest review is hard to come by in the seller’s market. Are you tired of buying products that are supposedly for newbies to writing/marketing only to be stymied somewhere along the setup/use that appeared so easy when the creator was trying to convince you to buy? Or perhaps you wanted to buy, but as most of us on a strict budget, were wondering if it would be worth your while?

In my many purchases, I have found that often I get confused with the “how” that appears before the creator’s set point. Or the product may be a bit beyond my budget but I buy it anyway, and then never get to the product because of time constraints or inability to download it correctly or get it to work, period!

Newbies need an honest review of the myriad products out there by a newbie who has attempted to use the product. Honest reviews do not necessarily come from individuals trying to sell the product. I’ve decided to rectify this problem.

Since I’m a newbie to writing and marketing, I’ve been thinking of doing a product review on different products I’ve purchased over the last year or two relating to writing/marketing, etc. every month or so. I have been recently addicted to shiny products. I told myself I needed to stop buying and start trying. But where to start? I need some ideas on what fellow writers would like to see/talk about.

Here are a few of my ideas:

  • Post a list of the “easier” products first. Let subscribers choose which product to first review

    Are you overwhelmed?

    Decisions, decisions

  • Reviews would consist of:
    • name of product
    • how it was used
    • snags in use
    • overall ease of setup/use for newbies
    • perhaps screenshots of my attempts
    • overall impression of product
    • notice of whether I tried to contact creator of the product, etc.

What do you think? Is it something you’d be interested in? Any other ideas you’d like to see covered in the review? Let me know.

I’d like this to be beneficial to both me (get me started using the products, perhaps) and to you in that you will see the product in use by a newbie and not just the creator.

Leave a message on my contact page and I will follow through if I get at least 10 people who are interested. If you do think this will be beneficial, please sign up for my newsletter. I will send out notices when I review a new product.Facebooktwitterpinterest

Now In Print!

The three Pick-A-Picture series books are now in print. Since these cannot have active links, some of the formatting and pictures are a bit different. Also the covers are different, but basically they contain the same content as the e-books!

cover-for-pick-a-picture-feelings-book-for-kindlecover-for-pick-a-picture-barnyard-animals-book-for-kindleCover for pick-a-picture alphabet bookFacebooktwitterpinterest

Free Giveaway!!

Coming soon, a free giveaway for Sword of Dragonblood!

Two ebook copies of Sword of Dragonblood will be given away in a random drawing. Stay tuned for dates and link for entry!Facebooktwitterpinterest

New Novel Is Finally Here!

My new novel, Sword of Dragonblood, is finally live. It can be bought in boSOD Cover_Croppedth paperback and ebook on Amazon. I’m very excited! Never thought I’d ever hit that end point, but March 28, 2016 will go down in history for me. My very first full-length novel. Please feel free to check it out on the book page, and if you decide to buy it in either format, and enjoy it, please leave a review on Amazon.

Thanks so much!Facebooktwitterpinterest

Stay tuned for my new novel.

Stay tuned for the first book, Sword of Dragonblood in my upcoming middle grade fantasy/adventure trilogy, The Down Dreamer! It has been a long time coming, but I’m hoping that it will become available by April 2016. I will keep you up-to-date on its progress, as I move toward the publication date. The main SOD I book covercharacter, Darrel Sak, is an 11-year-old who has suffered from night terrors since the tender age of 1-1/2 years old. Because of this affliction, he has grown to be a superstitious pre-teen who tries to hide the fact that he still gets these nightmares frequently. Track and Minecraft are the two loves that take him away from the ‘realness’ of these dreams, until he finds out the dreams are much more complicated than that. Teaming up with an unlikely friend, he sets out to find his missing father and ultimately takes on a harrowing quest that takes him to multiple realms where he must learn to trust in himself and recognize that things are not always as they seem.