Now In Print!

The three Pick-A-Picture series books are now in print. Since these cannot have active links, some of the formatting and pictures are a bit different. Also the covers are different, but basically they contain the same content as the e-books!

cover-for-pick-a-picture-feelings-book-for-kindlecover-for-pick-a-picture-barnyard-animals-book-for-kindleCover for pick-a-picture alphabet bookFacebooktwitterpinterest

Free Giveaway!!

Coming soon, a free giveaway for Sword of Dragonblood!

Two ebook copies of Sword of Dragonblood will be given away in a random drawing. Stay tuned for dates and link for entry!Facebooktwitterpinterest

New Novel Is Finally Here!

My new novel, Sword of Dragonblood, is finally live. It can be bought in boSOD Cover_Croppedth paperback and ebook on Amazon. I’m very excited! Never thought I’d ever hit that end point, but March 28, 2016 will go down in history for me. My very first full-length novel. Please feel free to check it out on the book page, and if you decide to buy it in either format, and enjoy it, please leave a review on Amazon.

Thanks so much!Facebooktwitterpinterest

Stay tuned for my new novel.

Stay tuned for the first book, Sword of Dragonblood in my upcoming middle grade fantasy/adventure trilogy, The Down Dreamer! It has been a long time coming, but I’m hoping that it will become available by April 2016. I will keep you up-to-date on its progress, as I move toward the publication date. The main SOD I book covercharacter, Darrel Sak, is an 11-year-old who has suffered from night terrors since the tender age of 1-1/2 years old. Because of this affliction, he has grown to be a superstitious pre-teen who tries to hide the fact that he still gets these nightmares frequently. Track and Minecraft are the two loves that take him away from the ‘realness’ of these dreams, until he finds out the dreams are much more complicated than that. Teaming up with an unlikely friend, he sets out to find his missing father and ultimately takes on a harrowing quest that takes him to multiple realms where he must learn to trust in himself and recognize that things are not always as they seem.