Book Reviews Made Easy

What does every author want? It’s more book reviews.

In Book Reviews Made Easy, Barry McDonald shows how to build a list of eager book reviewers. Plus, how to do it over and over again, increasing your reviewer’s mailing list.

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Here’s some of his description:

– The simple process for getting readers to go through to my book’s review page. And also how to track it to see how well it’s working.

– The two types of book reviewers that are out there and what each one is looking for.

– How to build a list of eager reviewers that look forward to receiving your emails. Plus, how to do it over and over again, increasing your mailing list.

– Revealed: Why most people who use my approach will NEVER get the same results as I do – and what you need to do instead!

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Pssst! Can I let you in on a secret about children’s picture books?

Come here… lean in… want to know what it is?

You don’t need an illustrator to create a good picture book.



Now don’t get me wrong, illustrators are a talented bunch,
but they also don’t come cheap.
(Try shopping around on Fivver or Upwork if you don’t believe me.)

If you’ve paid for illustrations in the past I know you’re nodding your head.
You’re left paying the hefty bill which you either put on a credit card (hoping the book will pay for itself) or you’re taking it out of your last books profits.

But what if it doesn’t?
What if it tanks and sinks to the bottom of the Amazon kindle store?

Well that’s where Barry McDonald found himself a while back.
$250 out of pocket and two books that no one wanted.
Yep. Not a nice place to be.

But there is a happy ending to this tale and one I’m not going to spoil here.
Head on over to now and find out how he turned it around.

But before you go…keep this secret to yourself…because when illustrators find out what he’s doing…. well, all I can say is he better watch his back.

Shush, here’s the link again Details