Nargan Amulet

fast-moving fantasy adventure for kids

Darrel has many more choices to make in Book Two of The Shaemaaie Chronicles, and none of them sound that great to him. Join Darrel on the next leg of his epic journey which brings him, literally, to the inner core of the planet where he once again puts his life on the line. With much at stake, will Darrel make the right choices? And what will he have to give up to succeed?

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About the Book

Nargan Amulet: Book Two: The Shaemaaie Chronicles (Volume 2)

Join Darrel Sak in book two of The Shaemaaie Chronicles as he continues his desperate attempts to save his father. Enmeshed in Shaemaaie’s strange world with its more bizarre inhabitants, Darrel is once again on a search—this time to find the one man who can extract the dragonblood from his sword—the only substance that can save Darrel’s father.

Darrel must once again put his life on the line. This time there is much more at stake and Darrel’s  losses are profound.

Will Darrel be able to win against the evil that threatens this strange realm? Will he be able to discover which allegiances are trustworthy in his perilous journey? And most importantly, will Darrel succeed in his quest to save his dad and the inhabitants of Shaemaaie?

Join Darrel as he travels to the depths of the planet, battling more monstrous and mighty enemies.

Hurry, because the clock is ticking!

Kids, ages nine and up (including adult kids), will adore this rollicking adventure!

"What a magnificent achievement this is, and such a page-turning, utterly endearing book."
– Amanda Coffin
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