LEXIE – From Kitty to Cat in Barnyard Adventures

Lexie, newly adopted, feels very small and afraid in her new home!

A new human, a new home, and no friends. What will this poor kitty do?
She will face her fears and grow up, that is what she will do. On the way,
she will have new adventures and meet new friends.

Follow Lexie on her exciting journey of starting as an adopted kitty
and becoming a wonderful grown-up cat on a safe and delightful farm!

A place she would call home!

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About the Book

Lexie is a tiny black kitty who has just been adopted by a

kind, old woman. When Lexie arrives at her new home,

everything seems so big. How will she ever manage on this

huge farm? Her human tells her not to worry, she will find her place

sooner than she thinks.

Lexie grows bigger and finally takes a chance. She will explore

the farm. Walk with Lexie as she decides to find the barn on her own,

meets new friends along the way, and receives a wonderful

surprise for growing up!

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