Growing up can be scary!

Lexie feels very small and afraid in this delightful children's picture book. A new human, a new home, and no friends. What will this poor kitty do? She will face her fears and grow up, that is what she will do. On the way, she will have new adventures and meet new friends. Follow Lexie on her exciting journey while growing up!

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About the Book

Lexie is a young kitty who not only has a new human but a new home. She is frightened, as everything around her seems so big and she is so little. Lexie has a lot of growing to do, both outside and in. Take the journey with her as she matures into a proud adult cat.

This picture book tackles, discretely, the issue of being adopted and of moving to a new place that is totally unfamiliar. In the process, the protagonist must learn to help herself grow, trust in her new human, develop self-confidence, and make new friends. Lexie tackles all these goals and more as she works at overcoming her fears and taking chances.

Series: Children's Books Fiction
Genres: adventure, animals, barnyard, emotions, farm, feelings, fiction, picture books
Tags: adventure, animal, animals, barnyard, cat, emotions, farm, farm animals, feelings, growing up, kitten, kitty, making friends, picture book, self-confidence, taking chances
Publisher: Sondolify Press
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: B07173M398
eBook Price: 2.99
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