The Holiday Recipe Gift Book Journal

Gift a recipe!

Who doesn't love Holiday food? What better gift for your
family and friends than a journal filled with gifts of recipes
from all of them.

Grow your recipe stash by having all the people close
to you gift you one of their long-loved recipes.

Pages for 27 each of appetizers, main dishes,
side dishes, and desserts, along with the
personalized recipe's history and why it
so loved.

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About the Book
Series: Christmas
Genres: Christmas, emotions, gifts, Holiday, interactive, Journal, Journal, kindness, nonfiction, Recipes
Tags: Christmas, Christmas journal, emotions, Gifts, holiday journal, holidays, interactive, journal, nonfiction, recipe journal, recipes
Publisher: Sondolify Press
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 099724402X
ISBN: 9780997244021
List Price: 12.99
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