Work your way up from very easy to very difficult Sudoku puzzles!

This is one in a set of Sudoku puzzle books, each volume consisting of one difficulty level, or a mix of all levels of difficulty. Keep working them to keep your brain in tip-top shape and avoid the diminishing of your own brain power. Exercise the brain muscle often and have fun doing it!

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About the Book

These puzzle books are all about Sudoku. They range from extra easy to very difficult. Some are mixed variety of difficulty. More puzzle books are on the way, so stay tuned and check in with Createspace or Amazon for more word and puzzle books by lsgw

Series: Puzzle Books, Book VI
Genres: game, puzzle book, Sudoku
Tags: puzzle, puzzle book, Sudoku
Publisher: Sondolify Press
Publication Year: 2017
ASIN: 1545255237
ISBN: 9781545255230
List Price: 6.99 vol. II -VI 5.99 - vol I
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