Color Me PEACE

Adult coloring book with meditations on Peace

This coloring book for adults includes patterns and pictures and combinations of both. The theme is peace and many of the pages address a word or phrase related to peace to encourage consideration and/or meditation for relaxing and creativity. There are 23 actual coloring pages with a blank side behind each of the pages so they may be torn out and hung up or given away, and to minimize bleed through. I might suggest placing a sturdy piece of cardboard behind the picture you are coloring when using pens of any sort.

Enjoy! lsgw

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About the Book

Coloring books for adults are not just a new craze. They are noted to be great anxiety reducers, providing a calm, quiet outlet for the tensions absorbed by our bodies.

Included in this particular coloring book are words and phrases that help the mind explore the concept of peace and what it means for us, as individuals, and us as a group.

The coloring pages are one-sided to prevent bleed-through on the next picture. I would still recommend putting a piece of thick construction paper or cardboard behind the page you are working on when using any type of ink pens.

I hope these pages help you unwind after a particularly trying day or moment, or simply provide you with some quiet time to regroup and keep on keeping on.

Series: Color Me, Book 1
Genres: adult coloring books, coloring books, de-stressing, emotions, feelings, interactive, peace, stress relief
Tags: adult coloring books, coloring, coloring books, emotions, interactive, meditation, mindfulness, peace
Publisher: Sondolify Press/Createspace
Publication Year: 2018
ASIN: 1719443688
ISBN: 9781719443685
List Price: 5.99
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