Book One in the Down Dreamer Trilogy (Sword of Dragonblood) on Sale

I’m pleased to let you know that in anticipation of the release of Book Two in the Down Dreamer Trilogy this summer, I am putting Book One- Sword of Dragonblood on sale for four days, so you have a chance to read it.

That’s right!

Book One – Sword of Dragonblood, kindle edition, will be an exciting read of 450+ pages of adventure, magic, and intrigue for just $1.99. This book is a must-read before book two comes out, as the trilogy is not comprised of stand-alone novels, but build on each other to the amazing end!

Sale on Sword of Dragnoblood, Kindle Edition
Great Deal!

If you’ve read book one, thank you! I know you’ve been waiting for a while for book two. I hope the wait will have been worth it.


Updates on Book Two will be forthcoming!

Thanks for reading.


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